Learn with Nature: Seashell Activities

In a previous activity post, I featured counting with seeds.  These past two weeks have been all about seashells.  We collected ours during a weekend getaway to Phuket two weekends ago. I was not really sure at the time what we would do with them, but Layaan never leaves the beach without a small collection. All of these activities were inspired by our natural conversation when observing and exploring the seashells. I love it when that happens!



Practical Life:  Seashell Scrub
Layaan was complaining there was still so much sand on the seashells, and I right away thought practical life activity!  We did this on a towel on the bathroom floor. I gave Layaan a bowl with warm soapy water, a brush, and a small hand towel.  I modeled how to scrub off the sand, rinse in water, and dry. It was fun, easy, and a relaxing quiet activity.

Counting Seashells

The first thing Layaan wanted to do was count how many seashells we had. We sat down and counted all of them. I then decided to use them as counters for the next few days with our usual counting activity.  I made it a little easier at first by placing play doh pieces to stick the seashells on.  The last couple of times, we did not use any play doh to make the activity more challenging.

Opposites:  Big/Small, Rough/Smooth

Our observations led us to examine the similarities and differences between the seashells. This was the perfect opportunity to do some mini lessons on big and small, smooth and rough textures. These activities required her to use her tactile senses, categorization skills, And helped develop her descriptive language skills.

I know for many of you, it’s right in the middle of winter, but if you live in a warmer area or are enjoying your winter break somewhere sunny, make sure to leave with some seashells in your pockets!