Our Week in Pictures

Assalamau’alaikum & Marhaba!

Here is a roundup of our activities this week.  It was an intense one after the break and trying to get back into a routine.  We returned from Taiwan on Sunday.  Layaan’s school started again on Tuesday.  And I was backed up trying to gather supplies, make materials, and keep the kids happy.

Layaan asks me daily if she can “do something fun” with Mama, which is her way of telling me she wants to do an activity together.  Alhamdulillah (Prasie be to God), it is a wonderful feeling that they both find these activities enjoyable.  I feel reassured that I am not overwhelming them and encouraged to keep doing what I am, Insha’Allah (God willing).  I hope that I can continue to foster their love of learning through play.


Arabic Sandpaper Letters

I spent all of Monday cutting out and making these Arabic Sandpaper Letters!  I was so happy I finally got around to it.  This project has been on my mind for months now.  The template and directions I used are from Educating the Muslim Child.  I used large blank index cards instead of wood for it to be travel friendly.

I chose four letters and introduced the sounds for each one.  We traced each with our fingers.  The three part lesson went very well.  Muhammad really enjoyed copying the sounds, too.



Back to School, Day 41!


Layaan started school again on Tuesday which she was super excited about.  She attends a Reggio-Inspired school here in Bangkok.  She absolutely loves it.  It really help with her social interaction with other kids.  She’s made three friends she never stops talking about.  And she absolutely loves her teachers.  I saw a huge positive change in her behavior at home, as well.  This term, we decided for her to go three days a week rather than everyday so that she could do some extracurricular activities and I have more time to work with her at home.

Letter Sound Hunt


Layaan and I went around the room to hunt for everyday items that start with the sounds of the letters I chose the previous day.  It was the first time I did a phonics type of Montessori activity with her.  She picked up on the objective of the activity right away, Masha’Allah.  We placed all of the items in a basket for her to practice daily.

Basic Colors


With Muhammad, our new activity is just a very easy going and simple color lesson.  I basically do it as a three part lesson.  I spend a lot of time just repeating the color names (in Arabic) and matching the right crayon to it’s respective color.  I was pleased with his grip on the crayon and he is doing well matching the colors, Alhamdulillah.


School Day 42


I take daily school pictures of Layaan in the same spot every morning.  I am hoping that I can make a yearly album for them with little snapshots and to include these.  I think it will be fun to see how she has grown and changed throughout the year.  She loves taking these pictures and if I ever forget, she always reminds me!


First Puzzle


I am always hesitant about buying any educational toys just because we are here temporarily, and it also bugs me buying something I know we already own (but is in storage back home).  But I have decided that some things are just worth getting, and I am really hoping that I will be able to sell them.  Even if I get a few dollars back, I think it will be worth it.

Here I purchased this new chunky puzzle for my little man.  Masha’Allah, he is good at fitting them in if they are not turned upside down.  Sometimes he realizes the piece he’s trying to fit in belongs somewhere else, but other times he keeps trying to fit them in and cries out in frustration when he cannot, throws it, and walks away.  If I do not see any improvement in the coming days, I am just going to put it away for a week or so until he is ready.

School Day 43




Sand/Salt Tray


I made a Montessori sand/salt tray for Layaan to practice pre-writing her letters that we learned earlier in the week.  Since I did not have any salt or sand on hand, I just used baking power.  She loved this activity and I was happy to see how well she did, Masha’Allah.  This is definitely one of our favorite Montessori activities.

Paper Plate Penguins


I want to start a winter unit with the kids, even though it is quite hot here in Bangkok.  It was much cooler in parts of Thailand and since back in the states it is cold and snowy…I figured it could be relatable – kind of…maybe? lol.  I do not know when we will experience a real winter and snow, so we will just make do.

To start off our winter unit, we made a paper plate penguin and Layaan watched a short video about penguins.  We talked about where they live, what they eat, etc.  It was great for their vocabulary and to introduce a new animal for Muhammad.  I found the idea for the paper plate penguins by doing a quick search on Pinterest and used the directions from Our Potluck Family.


I spent a pretty phone/camera free weekend purposely.  I did not take any pictures because it was very low key.  The kids went swimming with their dad.  I actually had a wonderful weekend for myself.  I went to the hair salon and did something new and different that I love.  My husband took the kids to breakfast so I could sleep in and I had my first kid-free breakfast in months!  It was just an overall nice, relaxing, quiet weekend.  Alhamdulillah for those!

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Comment below!