Taiwan Part 1

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Earlier this month, we spent part of our winter break in Taiwan.  It was not at all what I imagined it to be!  Taiwan is an island off the coast of mainland China that is two-thirds mountain from north to south and one third rolling plains in the west.  We spent the majority of our time outdoors exploring the national parks.  There is just something about forests and mountains that bring a sense of peace and calmness to your soul, Alhamdulillah (praise be to God).

Taiwan Day 1



We arrived to Taipei late the night before.  The flight was short, but being prepared with busy bags was definitely helpful.

Our first day was pretty low key since my husband was not officially on vacation until the next day.  While he worked from the hotel, my job was to keep the kids preoccupied so Baba could focus.

Luckily, the hotel we were staying in was walking distance to a local park.  This park was more like a massive community center.  It had everything you could imagine.  Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor play area for the kids, reading/game tables, ping pong tables, indoor hockey rink, etc.  The outdoor area included a track, outdoor kids playground, exercise areas, baseball fields, soccer fields, etc.

The kids had a wonderful time playing and making Taiwanese friends.  After a couple of hours, we returned back to the hotel to spend a quiet evening playing with the busy bags and resting.

Taiwan Day 2

Lanyang Museum, Yilan

Our road trip across Taiwan started on this day.  We hired a driver since we weren’t able to rent a car without an international driver’s license.  Our first stop was to the Lanyang Museum.  It was a small museum about the local Yilan forest and surrounding area.  An easy and quick stop not far from Taipei that was manageable with two little ones.


The main attraction is actually the architecture of the museum. The photographs would have come out better if it had been sunny.

Wufengchi Waterfall, Yilan


Next, we drove to the Wufengchi Waterfall which is not far from the museum at all.  The walk is only 500 meters to the fall, and you can climb up to see it from three different levels.  It was a nice stop that was along the way and easy to get to.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t say it’s a must do if you are short on time.


We also spotted this praying mantis lounging on a bench!

Taroko National Park, Hualien



The rest of our afternoon was spent driving to our hotel in Hualien.  We made a quick stop as we entered Taroko National Park to grab some pictures at Qingshui Cliff.  The colors of the water were magnificent, Subhanallah (Glory be to God).

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