Clothes Shopping for Newborns

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

One of my close friends is having a baby.  She requested (weeks ago) I write a post with my apparel recommendations for newborns!  It can be so overwhelming to shop for babies, especially when it comes to clothes.  What sizes do I buy?  Do I really need mitts?  How many pairs of socks?

Here are a few tips and recommendations I have for newborn clothes shopping.

Where to Shop?


This is one of my favorite brands for babies to buy basics and everyday wear.  They are comfortable and quality is decent.  I recommend never going to the actual brand store.  I prefer to buy their clothes from  Macy’s and Kohl’s (any department store will do).  If you can wait, always shop during sale events in combination with coupons.  The savings are amazing!

  • Kimono Tees
    • I only used the kimono tees with my little ones for the first few weeks.  These are recommended while your child’s umbilical cord is still attached.  It does not tug or press against the area.
  • Snap-Up Sleep & Play
    • For newborns and the first few months, sleep and plays are my absolute favorite.  I think these are the easiest for babies.  You do not need to fuss with pants and tops and bodysuits.  You do not need to worry about socks (and sometimes mitts).  They are perfect for sleeping and cute even while out.  A lot of the times the sets come with hats, too!
    • I recommend purchasing 1-2 in newborn and 3-4 in 3 months.
  • 5-Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuits
    • This is one of my favorite buys.  When we were at home, my babies lived in bodysuits.  They are comfortable and allow the baby to move around easily.  Most of the time, regardless of the weather outside, we kept our home warm enough for them to be comfortable in bodysuits.
    • The five-packs are perfect; I recommend 1 pack for nb, and 2 for 3 months.
  • Outfit Sets
    • One of the other things I love about Carter’s & OshKosh are there outfit sets.  It really makes it so much easier not to have to worry about putting an outfit together.  I also love that you can use the pants and mix and match with the bodysuits and/or kimonos.
    • I recommend getting 2-3 outfit sets for nb and 3 months.
  • Accessories
    • Socks – 2-3 pairs for each size.  I do not think you need more than just a few pairs.
    • Swaddle/burping blankets – You can never have enough of these.  Though, I prefer Aden & Anais blankets for swaddling, I use Carter’s blankets for everything else.
    • Hair Bands/Clips – This is the easiest place to find hair bands and clips for this age without worrying about getting it caught in their hair or comfort for their teeny heads.

Ralph Lauren

A classic brand you can always count on not only for a comfortable fit and high quality materials, but a dressy feel.  I love buying 2-3 outfits that are perfect for guests coming to see the baby and pictures.  I also advise that you purchase these from a department store such as Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.  They go on sale quite often and you can get a great deal if you have a coupon, too!

  • Coveralls
    • These are my favorite buys for newborns up until they crawl.  They are the best for visitors and days out.
    • Purchase 1-2 for Newborn, 2-3 for 3 months.
  • Dresses/Rompers for Girls
    • Perfectly simple and classy for occasions, special visits, and photographs.
    • 1 for Newborn, 2-3 for 3 months
  • Rompers for Boys
    • I love these if the weather is warm.  They are cute and very easy to get on and off.
    • 1 for Newborn, 2-3 for 3 months

Other brands that I really love are Baby GAP/GAP Outlet, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomindale’s Outlet.  You get amazing deals on a number of brand names and the quality is great.  I also really love Janie and Jack, except that it is so pricey!

I should also add – I did not include shoes.  To be honest, I never bought either one of my children shoes before they could walk well.  I know it looks super cute to put your infant in shoes.   Trust me, I attempted with my daughter, but my husband was not having it.  He was right.  Pediatricians recommend that children learn how to walk barefoot because it’s better for their muscles in their legs and feet, walking abilities, and posture.

Many new moms make the mistake of over bundling their children (which can cause overheating) and the layers just make them feel constricted.  Clothing should be easy to put on and take off.  Most importantly, it should be comfortable and it should facilitate their movement rather than hindering it.

Hope this helps and makes the experience a little less stressful and a little more fun!  Comment below if you have any other suggestions.