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Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Spring break is here and many of you are preparing to use this time for a small getaway!  Busy bags are the best!  I love that they are a great alternative to screen usage.  There are some really great ideas out there on Pinterest and other blogs.  It is super easy to make them and they are life savers on any trip.  Here are some highlights from the busy bags we have been using on our most recent trips.


Busy bags, coloring book, reading book, and backpack.


Matching the Arabic numeral with the correct amount.


Placing the numbers in order.


This is my favorite busy bag activity.  There is velcro on both sides and ends on large popsicle sticks.  It is open-ended and allows the kids to build, make shapes, and be creative.


Beads on a string. This is great if you give them a pattern to follow.


Crayons and blank paper is always a must.


Shape stencils are weightless and lie flat making them easy to travel with. All you need is paper and pencil.


Dry erase markers, blank paper, and sheet protectors.


Kids can trace letters, draw on them, and just wipe away with tissues.


Magnatiles are the best to travel with. They are easy to pack. It can be open-ended and the kids can make anything, or you can print out different designs for the kids to model after.


Stickers and paper are good for every age. My three year old places stickers over letters and words I write out. For my eighteen month old, I draw shapes for him to place stickers on the edges or inside the shapes.

Share your favorite busy bag activities in the comments below!


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