Taiwan: Part 3

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If you are just joining the series, Part 1 and Part 2 of our trip through Taiwan are just a click away.  Today, I am sharing days five through seven in Taiwan.  Yushan National Park is right in the center of Taiwan.  We decided not to do a full circle by traveling all the way to the southern tip.  We heard it gets packed during holidays and since we are coming from Thailand, beaches were not a priority.  From Yushan we started our return back towards Taipei.  We stopped at Alishan, Hsinchu, and XinXing Hot Springs along the way.


Taiwan Day 5

Yushan National Park



We started our morning in Yushan National Park.  It was a challenging hike up the mountain.  It took us around four hours to do about four miles from the bottom up to the top of Linzhi Mountain peak.  From there, we had a beautiful view of the mountains in the national park, including the highest peak in Taiwan, Yushan.


I would say this was by far my favorite part of our trip.  The hike was not easy, but it was incredibly beautiful.  We took our time with it allowing ourselves and the kids to get plenty of food and water breaks, time to run around, and just enjoy the beauty of nature, Subhanallah (Glory be to God).


I love the forest, mountains, and meadows with flowers and tall grass.  I find so much peace and tranquility there.  It was nice and cool with a refreshing breeze whenever it did warm up.  I really needed this kind of escape.  I love beaches, but I do not find them as relaxing as the greenery of the forest.

Taiwan Day 6

Alishan National Park


From Yushan, it was a short drive to Alishan National Park.  We spent our evening at the hotel located within the park and picked up our train tickets to catch the sunrise at the top of Alishan Mountain for the next day.


The train lines moved quickly, although it was packed to the max.  The sunrise itself was pretty, but the view was not much different than Yushan.  There were also so many people that it took away from the serene and calm atmosphere you would expect while watching a sunrise.  We even made the extra hike to the area people claimed to take you away from the crowds on TripAdvisor, but it seems the secret is out.  In my opinion, if you cover Yushan, you can skip this national park.



From Alishan, we drove to Hsinchu, a big city with delicious food.  We had been living on sushi rolls from 7-11 and staying at smaller hotels.  It was nice to clean up and relax in our usual SPG hotel, enjoy the lounge, and order in some Domino’s.  It was actually very satisfying and comfortable.

Taiwan Day 7

XinXing Hot Spring


My husband loves hot springs.  I think they are cool, but I do not really care to get into one, especially because of the smell of sulfur.  We couldn’t leave Taiwan without visiting at least one of their hot springs since they are known for them.

He found a remote hot spring to take us to on our drive to Taipei.  But of course, I should have known the more remote meant the more difficult to get to.  Every time I thought our last hike was the most challenging, the next one would prove me wrong.  This was definitely one of the toughest hikes I’ve ever done.  It was short, but incredibly steep the entire way.



Nonetheless, my husband got to enjoy his “natural” hot tub experience and I dipped my feet in.  The kids had a great time throwing rocks into the water and watching the hundreds of tadpoles everywhere.



Stay tuned for the last post in this series in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, coming soon, Insha’Allah!

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