Hajj Unit Study: Introduction

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Eid Mubarak to all of my Muslim readers!


It has been far too long since I posted.  A quick explanation – I wanted to focus all of my attention on preparing and setting up a strong homeschooling routine.  I was all over the place before I started the KHT Online Montessori course.  I took time to organize myself and prepare.  I will be posting more about it all soon!

Today, I want to share our Hajj unit study.  There are so many wonderful topics to cover around this Eid.  You can follow my Pinterest board for Hajj/Eid al Adha activities to see the many different ideas I found online to include in our unit study and other activities for next time.


I decided to keep it very simple and focus on a visual and concrete representation of Hajj by making a diorama.  Every step leading up to our finished product had a separate lesson in it.  I broke the posts down by lessons/activities we covered for you to follow along without overwhelming you with the whole unit study in one post.


While preparing for this unit, I thought it was important to jot down some of my goals of what I would like the kids to take from the unit study.  I think it is always a good idea to reflect on the purpose and what you would hope to achieve with your children through the unit study while also keeping in mind their abilities and interest.

Here is what I aimed for with Layaan (4 yrs old):

  • General knowledge about Hajj through three part lesson using diorama.
  • Basic understanding for each major step of Hajj.
  • Introduction to Kaabah, house of Allah (swt).
  • Hearing story of Zamzam water.
  • Memorizing the talbiyah.
  • Memorizing the takbeer of Eid.
  • New Vocabulary Words:  Hajj, Ka’bah, Safaa, Marwah, Sai’, Mt. Arafat, Ihram, Mina, Tawaaf, Muzdhalifah, Eid al Adha
  • Imaginary play with peg dolls

Goals for my younger one, Muhammad (2 yrs old):

  • Learning new vocabulary words:  Hajj, Ka’bah, Eid
  • Recognizing the talbiyyah
  • Listening to the stories
  • Learning the takbeer of Eid
  • Imaginary play with peg dolls

Introduction to Hajj


To kick off the unit, we read the book, Going to Mecca, by Naima B. Roberts and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini.  This is another beautiful book that we read daily with every lesson that introduces the children to the steps of Hajj.  Then, we watched the Learn Arabic with Zaky video, Haa is for Hajj.  I cannot stop raving about how great these videos are to use alongside lessons.  They are simple and help peak the kids’ interest.  Layaan quickly made many connections between the video and the story.  I filled in any gaps through discussions.

I try to use videos in an engaging way.  First, they watch without any interruptions.  Then, we watch it a second time, but I pause to ask questions, highlight a point, repeat a vocabulary word, or add on relevant information.  It is easy to do this with these videos because they are simple and short.  After watching videos and reading stories, I help the kids summarize the major points from the story.

We also listened to the talbiyyah by Rahmah Muslim Homeschool.  The kids love it and ask me to play it daily.  My heart melts every time I hear them repeating it.  My goal was to have Layaan memorize it, but Muhammad picked it up easily too Masha’Allah.  May Allah (swt) shower them with His blessings (Ameen).

The Pilgrims & Ihram


After we watched the videos and read the story, I described the ihram the men and women wear when they begin their pilgrimage.  Without sharing too many details, I only focused on the two white cloths for the men and the hijab and abayah (generally worn though not limited to this) for the women.



I saw different posts online of the little Muslim and Hajj peg dolls and knew the kids would really enjoy playing with them.  We made mini dolls to represent our immediate family and the children’s grandparents.  Surprisingly, Layaan did a great job helping me paint the dolls.  I am truly impressed by how much hand control she has (thank you Montessori Alhamdulillah!).

Please leave comments below if you have more extension ideas!  You can check out the next post in the series soon!

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