DIY Calendar

Assalamualaikum & Marhaba!

We made this super easy diy magnetic calendar to review our days of the week and weather.  Everything is from Bugaboo City except for the days of the week and months. I can’t remember where I had printed those from, but I had already laminated them so I used them (Bugaboo City’s are much cuter).  There are a bunch of adorable add-ons that I did not include in our calendar. 

This will be the first introduction to a calendar with dates, months, etc. for the kids. I really like that the thermometer is simplified for younger children.  What a great way to incorporate the idea of temperature! Layaan loves to count to 100 and this will be great practice to review her number skills.  We made pockets out of construction paper taped to the back of our board to store all the other pieces. 

The kids already love it and I am so pleased with how it looks and adds a pop of color to our homeschooling room. 

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  1. This is brilliant. Sis I wanted to ask you some questions about the KHT course if you wouldn’t mind. Do you have an email to contact on?

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  2. Lovely idea masha allaah. Sis I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the KHT Montessori course if you wouldn’t mind? Do you have an email I can contact you on? BarakAllaahu feeki

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