Hajj Unit Study Part 3: Mina & Mt Arafat

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba,

Here is the third and final part of our hajj unit study.  For parts one and two, refer to the bottom of the post.



On the days the pilgrims stayed in Mina, we worked on our Mina tents.  I showed them images online of what the tents look like.  We watched this tutorial on how to make tents using popsicle sticks, paper, and glue.  We placed small pieces of felt underneath our tents for our little pilgrims to pray on.

Mount Arafah & Muzdhalifah

On the day of Arafah, we watched live coverage of the pilgrims making du’a and dhikr on the mountain of Arafah.  My main goal was for the kids to understand that it was a special day for us, too.  We fast and make du’a from our homes, and think about the pilgrims standing on the mountain all day making du’a and dhikr.


For Arafah, we took a brown paper bag and made a large mountain.  And we continued to read the book Going to Mecca by Na’ima B. Robert.  Then, we placed our peg doll pilgrims on the Mountain of Arafah.


For Muzdhalifah, we kept it simple and used a cut out of the brown paper to represent the area and felt as sleeping bags for the people.



The kids and I took a trip to the park to collect seven stones each for the Jamarat the same way the pilgrims were doing.  To make our Jamarat, we took three lengths of paper to represent the smallest, middle, and the tallest.  We rolled up the paper and painted it grey.  You can use paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls, but we did not have any on hand.  The kids had fun throwing the stones at our makeshift Jamarat.


I explained to the children that it is now Eid for us.  We watched the video about the Sunnan of Eid by Zaky and Friends.  We also made a sheep craft and explained how we pass the meat of the sheep to the poor.

And that concludes our Hajj Unit Study.  My main goal was for the children to understand the major steps of hajj and its significance.  Leave comments, suggestions, or questions below!

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid!

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