Eid al Fitr Celebrations 2018

Assalamualaikum & Marhaba!


This Eid was our first Eid in Texas.  We hoped to visit our families in NY/NJ, but flights from here to NY are very expensive at the moment!  We decided to drive five hours down to Corpus Christi.

Eid Day One


We went to the Islamic Society of Southern Houston for Salatul Eid.  Balloons and banners of Eid Mubarak decorated the hallways of the masjid.  Every person we walked by smiled, wished us an Eid Mubarak, and carried a tray of food or dessert for an Eid potluck.  It seemed like a fantastic community!


We left the masjid to go directly to the Padre Island National Seashore.  Picnic tables under canopies lined the beach to provide shade.  We found one a little further away from the few others that were there.

Soon after we arrived, we saw a couple National Park rangers and volunteers setting up their tools and gear.  When we approached them, they showed the kids how to use nets to find and observe creatures in the water.  The kids caught tiny fish, tiny crabs, and clams.  They held and examined them while the rangers explained more.


We even saw this creature which is called the Portuguese man o’ war.  We learned it looks like a jellyfish, but is not actually one.  Nonetheless, we were warned about its painful sting.


The kids went into the water with their dad for a short bit.  Muhammad was far more comfortable in the water than he’s ever been thanks to his swimming lessons.  Layaan seems to be getting more terrified by the waves as she gets older.  They were more than happy playing with their sand toys by the picnic area for the rest of our time there.

After freshening up at our hotel, we decided to visit the Texas State Aquarium, the biggest aquarium in Texas.  The location was beautiful right on the port and it was a nice aquarium.  We got there in time for a few shows and feedings.  The kids enjoyed their time.  We headed back home to eat dinner quickly and sleep to get up early for our next adventure!

Eid Day Two


For the second day of Eid, my husband chartered a small fishing boat.  The boat’s captain provided us with all the fishing gear, drinks, and lessons on how to fish.  At first, the kids just watched us.

At first, I did not think the kids were big enough to hold the rods he had, but when Layaan began complaining of boredom, I handed one over to her.  Much to our surprise, she was able to hold it with excellent control.  She caught and hooked two fish and reeled them in all on her own!  You never know just how much children are capable of until you let them push the limits.


I did not hear another complaint from her the rest of the trip, which was around 6.5 hours on the water.  Fishing is a great activity to teach patience and focus.  She loved every minute of it.  We had to help her with some of her bigger catches of catfish and even a stingray!

Unfortunately, we came home empty handed in terms of fish.  We caught mostly catfish which do not taste very good so were released back into the water immediately.  Other than that we did catch some red fish and trout, but they were not big enough for us to keep.  In order to preserve the fish in the ocean, they must meet a certain length requirement to keep.

Our captain felt awful and frustrated we did not have any catch to take back with us, but we thought it was a great trip.  We were still catching fish, learning new things, and having a great time.  The smiles on the kids faces and especially Layaan’s excitement at catching her own fish was priceless.  Alhamdulillah.

We drove home and the kids and I slept the whole way home.  We stopped and enjoyed ice cream at our favorite spot, Cloud 10 in the Heights.  As soon as we walked through the  door, the kids beelined for their Eid presents and were busy for the rest of the evening.

Another wonderful Ramadan and Eid, Alhamdulillah.  Now we looked forward to Eid al Adha and hope to reach the next Ramadan.


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