Eid al Fitr Celebrations 2018

Assalamualaikum & Marhaba!


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Self Care (2): Towards a Healthy Heart & Mind

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

If you have not already read the first part in this series, please click here!  Today I am going to be sharing the “prescription” towards healing your heart taught by Sister Yasmin Mogahed in her class, A Sacred Conversation.  I will be taking it a step further by providing some ideas to help implement her advice in your daily life with kids.


Brazil, 2016

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Self Care (1): The Core of My Heart

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Recently, there have been numerous articles online and blog posts from fellow moms about the importance of self-care.  I had drafted a post myself about the topic and various suggestions such as exercise, eating healthy, and other forms of “me time.”  But while re-reading it, I felt I was just regurgitating what was already out there.


In hindsight, all those other things I began to do to take care of myself were distractions from the real problem and not really helping me the way I hoped.  There is nothing wrong with spa days and taking time to read or relax.  However, there was something far more pressing that I needed to take care of if I really wanted to feel better.  And that was the state of my heart, a topic I do not believe is addressed often enough as part of “self-care.” Continue reading

How to Introduce Arabic Letters to Ages 2-4 Years

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Today I wanted to share how we introduce Arabic letters to young children from the ages of 2.5 to 4 years.

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Orangutans in Sumatra

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

We took a short trip to Indonesia over the long weekend to see orangutans in the Sumatran jungle. What an experience, Subhanallah (Glory be to God)!  Unfortunately, there aren’t many of them left.  These incredible animals are endangered along with the Sumatran rhinoceros, tigers, and pygmy elephants.


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