Plant Unit: DIY Greenhouse

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

This is one of my favorite activities.  I remember doing it myself in elementary school.  It is incredibly simple, but the best way to visually observe how a seed grows.  Typically, green bean seeds are used because they grow quickly.  We had sunflower seeds on hand and used those.


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Busy Bags

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Spring break is here and many of you are preparing to use this time for a small getaway!  Busy bags are the best!  I love that they are a great alternative to screen usage.  There are some really great ideas out there on Pinterest and other blogs.  It is super easy to make them and they are life savers on any trip.  Here are some highlights from the busy bags we have been using on our most recent trips.


Busy bags, coloring book, reading book, and backpack.

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Tips for Expecting Parents

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

I know how overwhelming it can feel when you are preparing to welcome a little human into your life.  Here are some of my tips for new parents.  I will try to do more detailed posts specific for dads and moms each, Insha’Allah (God Willing).

#1 – Watch this video!

Shaikh Yaser Birjas is one of my favorite shuyookh of our time, Masha’Allah.  His advice on parenting and family matters are some of the best out there.  This video, The Sunnah of Being Bornis a lecture I send to all of my friends once I know they are expecting!  Do not forget to have your spouse watch it, too. Continue reading

Last Day of School

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

Layaan’s last day of school was more than a week ago.  Because of our upcoming travels, keeping her in school was not practical.  My goal was to make her last day as special and memorable as possible.  I knew she would be disappointed to leave, so here’s what we did to end it on a good note.

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Taiwan Part 2

Assalamu’alaikum & Marhaba!

I finally got around to posting more from our Taiwan trip.  If you missed the first post of our first two days of Taiwan, click here.

Taiwan Day 3

Taroko Gorge, Taroko National Park

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